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We are a cryptographic security consultancy which has worked both nationally and internationally for over 20 years helping organisations fulfil the potential of electronic transactions

A Cryptographic Security Consultancy

Although it is possible to encrypt data in the software of the server, PC or mobile all these devices have been shown to be vulnerable to various forms of hacking attack which in many cases has led to disastrous consequences for the owners and managers of the digital assets. Microexpert has over 20 years experience in supplying hardware security devices for protecting data or more generally the digital assets managed by their clients.

Data may be protected for confidentiality or integrity and although the solutions are different in both cases various forms of cryptographic techniques are applied to achieve the necessary security. However most computing platforms from smart phones to servers in the cloud are not considered adequately secure to undertake these cryptographic operations nor to store the necessary cryptographic keys.

The team is lead by Dr David Everett

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