Getting Started with Javacard – compiling & installing the Helloworld Sample

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Software I am using:


  • IBM JCOP31 – Javacard 2.2
  • Omnikey 3121 Smartcard Reader/Writer

1.Open a command prompt and navigate to \java_card_kit-2_2_2\samples\src

2.Prior to using the java compiler and CAP conversion tool, you will need to setup the following environmental variables.  I use a little batch script to setup mine, below;

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Progra~1\Java\jre7
set JC_HOME=C:\dev\java_card_kit-2_2_2-windows\java_card_kit-2_2_2\java_card_kit-2_2_2-rr-bin-windows-do
set JC_EXPORTS=%JC_HOME%\api_export_files
set CLASSPATH=.;%JC_HOME%\lib\javacardframework.jar;%JC_HOME%\lib\api.jar;%JC_HOME%\lib\installer.jar;
set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%JC_HOME%\bin;%PATH%;

Avoid using spaces and quotes within paths.

3. Compile to Java Byte Code

javac -source 1.2 -target 1.2 %JC_HOME%\samples\src\com\sun\javacard\samples\HelloWorld\

Will result in the creation of HelloWorld.class and HelloWorld.opt (converter options file)

4.  Modify the options file with the full path to the JC_EXPORTS directory;

-exportpath C:\dev\java_card_kit-2_2_2-windows\java_card_kit-2_2_2\java_card_kit-2_2_2-rr-bin-windows-do\api_export_files
-applet  0xa0:0x0:0x0:0x0:0x62:0x3:0x1:0xc:0x1:0x1 com.sun.javacard.samples.HelloWorld.HelloWorld
0xa0:0x0:0x0:0x0:0x62:0x3:0x1:0xc:0x1 1.0

Then convert the javabyte code into a javacard CAP package.

> converter -config C:\java_card_kit-2_2_2\samples\src\com\sun\javacard\samples\HelloWorld\HelloWorld.opt

5. Navigate command prompt to \GPShell-1.4.4

GPShell using
Put the following in the text file:

select -AID a000000003000000
open_sc -security 0 -keyind 0 -keyver 0 -mac_key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f -enc_key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f
delete -AID A00000006203010C0101
delete -AID A00000006203010C01
install_for_load -pkgAID A00000006203010C01
load -file C:\java_card_kit-2_2_1\samples\src\com\sun\javacard\samples\HelloWorld\javacard\HelloWorld.cap
install_for_install -priv 4 -AID A00000006203010C0101 -pkgAID A00000006203010C01 -instAID A00000006203010C0101FF
select -AID A00000006203010C0101
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 1122334455

(N.B. Ensure that the values of ‘install_for_install’, the ‘select’ and ‘delete’ match the values in the HelloWorld.opt file in C:\java_card_kit-2_2_2\samples\src\com\sun\javacard\samples\HelloWorld\ and if not then alter the HW.txt)

6. Run GpShell HW.txt

>gpshell myinstallscript.txt

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