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Financial independence for communities

MonZap Economy for Sussex Project is looking for you!
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Guess what? There is no bank involved. You have instant payments and no transaction fees!
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Why not join us?
MonZap Digital Cash Payments app enables you to make payments just like cash but with digital coins.

A community can trade person to person with no third parties involved.

With MonZap you can simply scan a barcode!
The perfect way to subscribe, buy digital media or even donate to your favourite charity.
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Latest News - MonZap Economy for Sussex Project
Microexpert have combined forces with UK Talk Radio who will be hosting radio sessions to encourage different communities in Sussex to get involved.
Why not grab this great opportunity as a student, business, charity or community groups within Sussex you can develop and evolve your own financial independence.
We would love to hear from you if you want to be part of the MonZap Economy for Sussex Project as your journey could go on air with UK Talk Radio.
UK Talk Radio talks to Dr. David Everett about MonZap Digital Cash
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MonZap is instant and unlike Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency of today it involves no fees and has complete protection of your privacy.
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MonZap connects you with people giving total privacy and security with simple share and storage options for your coins.
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MonZap is a simple web and mobile application where you can control and manage small payments down to a penny.
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MonZap is available on both iOS/Android and is used person to person through a choice of 3rd party messaging applications.
Who benefits from using MonZap?
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MonZap is a great way of creating a community economy and giving total financial independence with security.
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MonZap can be used as a simple economy of making payments to each other without the hassle of using a bank card.
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MonZap makes it easy for small payments down to a penny to be made through a donate button without the fees.
Why use MonZap?
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MonZap allows you to be more independent from the Banks without transaction fees.
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MonZap is available to anyone, even those who choose not have a bank account.
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MonZap has it's own identity and can be tailored to look just like you and your company.


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