Cryptographic Data Security Solutions.

HSM Firmware

As leading experts in developing HSM firmware across all payment and data security sectors we can offer businesses tailored solutions for cryptographic management and security verification tools that will maximise your data security protection from threats.

End-to-End Security

If your business requires end-to-end device security solutions we can develop tailored firmware for many variations of smart card form factors. Adaptable for both business and personal use our smart card applications provide valuable protection for your business assets.

Data Security

With identity being a key factor for your data security we as leading experts in identity and access management can provide you with the essential processes that will enable more security and control for your sensitive data areas.

Founded in 1983

Microexpert has been at the forefront of cryptographic design and development since 1983, having grown organically over the last 30+ years we have consistently supported the industry in delivering the highest quality, and through continuous training and development shaped our team to deliver the best service to our clients.

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