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With the new GDPR requirement currently in force all businesses across Europe and the UK should be compliant by law to the regulations set in how personal and sensitive data is stored and managed. Microexpert can help you and your business comply with GDPR and stop you from getting enforced with an ICO fine. As well as providing assurance for your customers, employees and other data subjects we can help you meet the correct lawful requirements of data processing, data management and data security.

What is GDPR?

GDPR known as the General Data Protection Regulation is built around giving people more control over how their personal and sensitive data is stored and managed by businesses.

Why should my business care about GDPR?

Businesses should be aware that this is not just a compliance change but a cultural awareness requirement in how you not only just effectively manage your customers private information by additionally managing and keeping your internal personal and sensitive data secure as well.

To put it simply what personal data do you store?

HR Data

HR Data

Client and Contractor Data

Client and Contractor Data

Don't forget that your stored personal and sensitive data could include past and present employees, contractors as well as past and present customers.

GDPR checklist questions to ask

  • Do you know what personal and sensitive data you have stored and why you have it?

  • Are you using the data for any specific reason?

  • How do you receive the personal and sensitive data?

  • Is how you manage your personal and sensitive data done lawfully?

  • Who is responsible for your personal and sensitive data?

  • How safe is your personal and sensitive data from data theft?

  • Are your staff cyber-security aware?

So how can we help you?
With a GDPR business health check, we can conduct a gap analysis of your business and assess what personal and sensitive data you manage and store.
We can then review if your business needs to comply with GDPR regulations.
We provide GDPR solutions for
Risk Intelligence
Data Security
Best Business Security Practise
Lawful Data Practise
Managed Backup and Recovery

For further information and guidelines on GDPR please click here.


We can review your personal and sensitive data storage management and make sure your business is GDPR compliant.

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