nanoPay acquires MintChip From Royal Canadian Mint

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The Royal Canadian Mint reported the sale of the MintChip electronic cash product to nanoPay a Canadian start-up company. nanoPay is an integrated loyalty and payments platform provider based in Canada but withworld wide ambitions.

MintChip was originally designed by Dr David Everett the CEO of Microexpert a UK cryptographic security consultancy. He was also the technical architect of Mondex another electronic cash system developed by National Wesminster Bank back in the 90s.

Maybe Mondex was ahead of its time but as Laurence Cooke the CEO of nanoPay has reported 'Digital currency is inevitable and the MintChip platform has been built to ensure it will exceed the needs of consumers, businesses and governments'. Mondex was designed in 1990 which was before the World Wide Web, the Mosaic Browser only appeared in 1993 so perhaps now the time for digital cash has really come of age.

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