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We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is now live. Our updated site includes changes to navigation for both mobile and desktop and displays drop-down menus highlighting the services that we offer and our areas of speciality.

We have also improved the structure of our content with imagery and visual, so this should make your user experience of using our site more positive. 

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When starting the project, we had to go back to the drawing board and simply start again with the refresh of our company brand and vision and what we do. Once established, this made our journey going forward for us more fluent and enhanced what we wanted future and existing users to experience when visiting our site.

We have split down various areas of specialities in our Consultancy content that we hope in the current market will become more specific so businesses, project managers and innovators can approach us even if it just proof of concept.

Our resource section is very well informed with areas of expertise, development and industry news. This is one of the main areas that we will be ‘fine tuning’ over the next coming months so please keep tuned.

We hope you like the changes and we value feedback. If you are not connected you can always find us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and we will always welcome your comments. 


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