The Blockchain - A Short Briefing Note

1.The Blockchain is a register or database containing statements (e.g. ownership, rights or a smart contract) provided by the participants to provide a complete history. The history cannot be modified or deleted you can only add new statements

Minimise Risk Now - Embark On Your Data Security Journey

With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on the 28th May 2018, all UK businesses need a serious wake-up call in being prepared for the latest cyber-security measures and personal data-protection?

Microexpert's Tutorial - SSL with Client Authentication

Digital Cash – A Short Briefing Note

What is cash

Cash is a bearer instrument which means it carries no record of ownership. The holder of the cash is assumed to be the owner and they may pass that to another person who then becomes the new owner.

Microexpert's Concepts - Microkey Smart Card TLS

MicroKey is a Smart card that is used during authentication to establish an encrypted and authenticated session using TLS.

MicroKey offers both a high level of communication security and convenience for usage in many sectors. Online banking, remote access, online bookings and purchases, and secure voice communications is just some of these areas.


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