Reading Track2 Data from an EMV Chip Card using Microexpert’s MxAPDUTool

Using the MXApduTool application I will show you how to read Track2 data from a chip card, first step is to download our free MXApduTool Application from the resources section under our tools. The MXApduTool is an executable file that can send APDU commands to a chip card.

Microexpert Guide - Cryptographic Algorithm and Key Size P2

This is one of those subjects that you could argue everyday but the basics are actually very simple. It is generally agreed that the strength of a cryptographic algorithm can be defined by the level of computational complexity necessary to break the algorithm. If the algorithm is perfect then that should be the effort required to exhaust the key. In practice this means you have to try the algorithm for every key to get a matching pair of plain texts and cipher texts, the brute force attack.

What’s the difference between Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

Bitcoin is a digital currency system that enables participants to create and transfer bitcoins using a blockchain which are the rails upon which the bitcoins are created and transferred.

GCHQ – The stable door is open and the horse has bolted!

The new head of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan writing in the FT today has warned US technology companies such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are aiding terrorist organisations by providing social media messaging that may be used to promote their cause. He further goes on to add that encrypting messages which is now routinely available can add further challenges to the security services.

Microexpert's Concepts - Java Card Wristband Security

Microexpert WristBand

Infineon Java Card Chip with Built in Antenna demonstration video.

Let Microexpert advise you on the best way forward with Java Card WristBands.


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