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Which do you trust – the bank or the blockchain?

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You read everywhere that the blockchain is the new secure way of doing almost anything including holding the accounts of your crypto currencies. This is quite misleading because your money is much safer in the bank than on the blockchain. Both the bank and blockchain are holding accounts where the difference is not so much about security but trust which puts the discussion into a business perspective. People new to the field of security often struggle to understand that it is the business that decides what level of risk they are prepared to accept.

There are a whole world of payment systems out there!

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Have you ever wondered what the differences are in how payment systems work?

With digital currencies constantly changing and evolving we feel it is still important to keep your feet on the ground and show you a core understanding in how these 8 key currency systems work in how they handle cash and online payments.

Equifax - A Post Mortem To Beat Any Movie Story

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The credit monitoring company which managed to lose the financially sensitive information of 143 million of its customers to hackers has just lost Richard Smith (Chairman and Chief Executive) and over the last few years Tony Spinelli who was in charge of Equifax’s security, Steve Van Wieren VP of Data Quality, and several other members of the security team.

The company is currently facing a $Bn payout. There will be more because many senior managers sold their shares apparently before hearing about the hack and before it became public information. Equifax has an interesting business model, it gets data for free from the banks provided by the consumers seeking credit and it then applies Artificial Intelligence to the data and sells the results back to the banks that gave it the data in the first place.

GlobalPlatform Brings Annual TEE Seminar to China

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GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, has announced that its 2017 Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Seminar will take place in Beijing on 12th September. While the event is in its fifth year, this will be the inaugural Chinese event.

Digital Cash – A Short Briefing Note

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What is cash?

Cash is a bearer instrument which means it carries no record of ownership. The holder of the cash is assumed to be the owner and they may pass that to another person who then becomes the new owner.

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