Equifax - A Post Mortem To Beat Any Movie Story

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The credit monitoring company which managed to lose the financially sensitive information of 143 million of its customers to hackers has just lost Richard Smith (Chairman and Chief Executive) and over the last few years Tony Spinelli who was in charge of Equifax’s security, Steve Van Wieren VP of Data Quality, and several other members of the security team.

Minimise Risk Now - Embark On Your Data Security Journey

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With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on the 28th May 2018, all UK businesses need a serious wake-up call in being prepared for the latest cyber-security measures and personal data-protection?

GCHQ – The stable door is open and the horse has bolted!

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The new head of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan writing in the FT today has warned US technology companies such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are aiding terrorist organisations by providing social media messaging that may be used to promote their cause. He further goes on to add that encrypting messages which is now routinely available can add further challenges to the security services.


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