'with a team combination of in-house technology
expertise no project is either too big or too small'

David is a passionate professional with over 30 years experience as a leading authority in the security of Digital Currencies, Block Chain Technology and Electronic Payment Systems. David also has a love for anything that goes fast, be it land, sea or air, and likes to embark on relaxing walks in the country.

Dr. David Everett
CEO & Founder

With a love for PR and publishing, Patsy has over 20 years experience in telling the world the latest updates and news on what is happening with technology through the online newsletter Smart Card News. As with her love for amateur dramatics, playing croquet and spending time with her grandchildren, Patsy is almost certainly never sat down.

Patsy Everett

With an experienced and successful reputation, Tim has upheld a very extensive career within the UK Finance Industry plus co-inventing Mondex and TIBADO digital cash systems. Tim has found 33 years on the Brighton line commuting to be just the ticket whilst staring into the middle distance listening to rock music.

Tim Jones CBE,
Co-Inventor, Tibado

John has been with us for over a decade and has created a vast array of proof-of-concept software utilising cryptography in the fields of payments and security and manages his technical team with success. John, being the free spirit of the company, has an enthusiastic voice for political poetry and holds a passion for creative thinking and knowledge sharing values.

John Owen
Research & Development Lead

Matt has always had a passion for working with technology and holds a first-class master's degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Specialising in embedded systems design and development Matt is a integral member to our technical team. With his love of gaming and strategy, Matt is sure enough thinking about solving that next problem.

Matt Caperon
Research & Development

Adam is a successful web and software developer and with over 10 years experience working in various industry sectors holds a passion for technical and creative design and is an integral member to our technical team. With his craze for snow sports, sea fishing and playing the guitar, Adam feeds on creativity at work and at home.

Adam Noyce
Research & Development

Lesley is an administration and PR specialist with over 25 years experience in sales and accounting and is responsible for all our client and company management. Lesley’s profound commitment to charity work reflects in her constant on-the-go outlook and is persistent when it comes to fund-raising and her love for sky-diving challenges.

Lesley Dann
PR & Administration

Sol is a factoring and accounts specialist with a decade of experience and is responsible for managing our company accounts. With his love for number crunching and passion for football, Sol also loves to get kitted out in boots and rucksack for those challenging hill walks.

Sol Sait

Sam is a marketing creative with over 20 years experience in graphics and branding and always loves a challenge when it comes to marketing and digital communication projects. As with her passion for wildlife, the outdoors and roller-skating, Sam loves to dance, be it Northern Soul, SKA or even some eighties throwbacks.

Samantha Elliott
Marketing & Web

Keith has spent more than 30 years working with various aspects of security ranging from digital currencies, security software development, encryption systems and anti-virus software. With his love for being out sailing the waves and spending time with family, Keith loves a challenge when it comes to physics and its applications.

Keith Jackson

Nikhil Prakash

Nikhil has over 20 years experience in security software design, micro-controllers and embedded systems. When he isn't dreaming of flying small airplanes, or desperately attempting to groove his golf swing, he can be found experimenting with spicy meals on his barbecue.

Nikhil Prakash

Lorraine Reeves

Lorraine is an experienced Programme Manager and has extensive knowledge in business infrastructure and strategic planning. Lorraine also loves to have fun by keeping active through badminton, indoor sky-diving and zip-wiring.

Lorraine Reeves

'coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.'

- Henry Ford


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