Gemalto SafeNet HSM's

An independent security house that supplies a range of cryptographic devices such as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), Smart Cards and Secure MicroSD Cards that can be used to protect data while stored, accessed or processed both locally and in the cloud. This data represents the digital assets of individuals and companies.

Microexpert is a channel partner for Gemalto

Gemalto are one of the worlds leading suppliers of Hardware Security Modules and Microexpert is proud to be a channel partner. They provide high performing, secure and easy-to-integrate application and transaction security solutions for enterprise and government organisations. Robust FIPS and Common Criteria validation makes the Gemalto range of SafeNet HSMs tamper-resistant and can help achieve regulatory compliance.

With a broad range of HSM offerings and a full range of API support, Gemalto SafeNet HSMs enable application developers to easily integrate security into custom applications. In partnership with leading application solution providers, Gemalto has produced HSMs that offer end-to-end protection for organisations.

The Gemalto range of SafeNet Hardware Security Modules offer

  • Secure hardware key management
  • Trust anchor security for Public Key Infrastructure
  • Flexibility for the next-generation of PKI
  • Secure remote management and activation for maximum security in third-party environments
  • Securing identities and transactions in the Cloud
  • Centralised lifecycle management of cryptographic keys
  • Data encryption, transactional acceleration, certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk key generation
  • FIPS and Common Criteria validation

For more information about the General Purpose or Payment Range of SafeNet Hardware Security Modules,
download the brochure or contact us by email or call + 44 (0)1903 721 668.

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