Security with a Mobile Phone

Microkey is a cryptographic secure end point designed to be used in conjunction with a mobile phone to increase the security as part of an authentication process between the mobile phone and the resource provider. The end point is a security hardened chip that can be provided in both smart card and SIM card formats. These Microkeys can connect to the phone using NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy.

The use of Microkey in conjunction with a smart phone provides an effective 2-Factor authentication mechanism.

Application Areas:

  • Finance - access to accounts or to authenticate payment instructions
  • Health - access to medical records
  • Government - access to government services
  • Industry - access to company resources from a mobile phone

Available in different form factors

Smart card

Smart card




Cryptographic Functions

  • RSA up to 3072 bits
  • Elliptic Curves up to 512/521 bits
  • TDES and AES up to 256
  • MD5 and SHA2 up to 512 bits
  • SEED up to 128 bits
  • Extended Length APDU up to 32 kB

Communication Interfaces

  • NFC
  • ISO/IEC 14443 A/B up to 848kbps
  • Bluetooth Low Energy


  • SLE78 Hardware is CC certified EAL6+ high

Platform Compliance

  • Global Platform 2.2.1, ID config 1.0

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