Cybercrime Security

How to achieve data privacy

Being a victim of cybercrime can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. Whether it is your data or data belonging to somebody else the consequences can be personal, corporate or even life threatening. In achieving data privacy, controls must be implemented to ensure the data is protected at all stages of its lifetime.

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Confidentiality of data must be protected at all stages

Why cryptography is so important for your data

Cryptography is one of the most important techniques applied in computer security which can ensure the confidentiality of data, the integrity or correctness of the data and provide methods to control access to the data.

It is when these security methods have not been applied or have been applied incorrectly that a system is left wide open to vulnerabilities leading to what is commonly known as a cyber attack.

The secret to applying cryptography correctly is to protect the secret keys and data while at rest, in transit or when being processed

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microexpert secret key security globe image

We listen and advise on the best way forward.

At Microexpert we specialise in the cryptographic security of private and client data and can provide consultancy and development on the following:

  • Identifying your data assets
  • Determining your security vulnerabilities
  • Optimising data security controls
  • Network security


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