MxSmart Card Firmware Development

Microexpert are leading smart card technology experts who can not only provide software development and technical security consulting but are able to offer cryptographic security solutions for secure elements.

Smart card chips come in different form factors and have become the core of client authentication devices that are used for business and personal use.

Credit Card

Debit Card

Key Fob

Memory Card

ID Card

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As smart cards are ubiquitous in our everyday lives they provide a valuable service to the public and business. We pay for goods using credit/debit cards, mobile phones containing SIM card, public transport cards that hold credit for travel, access control cards to systems and resources, all these examples require a level of trust and security that is fundamental to the user.

Our experience is defined in creating a defensive methology that makes the software resistant to attack using chips certified to high levels of the Common Criteria Evaluation Scheme.

Key Features

Custom Host Applications

On-Card Applications (Based on Multos and JavaCard)

Card Reader Integration with Mobile Devices

Public Key Cryptography

Standards Compliance

Role Based Access Control

So how can we help you?
Are you looking for end-to-end device security solutions? We can provide embedded firmware and services to protect your business assets.


We can provide expert security firmware development for smart card applications that will fit your business requirements.

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