Cryptographic Data Security Services

Microexpert takes data security very seriously.
How serious are you?

As leading experts in the application of cryptography, we can provide secure hybrid cloud services that offer higher levels of data protection than just standard on-premise storage systems.



As well as keeping control of your own network environment, our hybrid cloud service is tailored to each individual business and offers simplicity in supporting both application and storage compliance with your business security requirement.

'We provide a controlled web environment to run cryptographic security functions giving clients secure access to a HSMs cryptographic operations that will protect sensitive data.'
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'Do you keep an audit trail?
Why not have complete control of your environment by securing your own keys and protecting your sensitive data.'
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Microexpert can provide sophisticated cryptographic security and controls with the following techniques that will suit your business requirements
  • Architecture design

  • Implementation

  • Application lifestyle management

  • Integration

  • Integral support


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