GDPR Compliance

With the new GDPR requirement currently in force all businesses across Europe and the UK should be compliant by law to the regulations set in how personal and sensitive data is stored and managed.

What is GDPR?

GDPR known as the General Data Protection Regulation is built around giving people more control over how their personal and sensitive data is stored and managed by businesses.


Microexpert can help you and your business comply with GDPR and stop you from getting enforced with an ICO fine. As well as providing assurance for your customers, employees and other data subjects we can help you meet the correct lawful requirements of data processing, data management and data security.

What personal data do you store?

Don't forget that your stored personal and sensitive data could include past and present employees, contractors as well as past and present customers.

HR Data

HR Data

Client and Contractor Data

Client and Contractor Data

We provide GDPR solutions for

Risk Intelligence

Data Security

Best Business Security Practise

Lawful Data Practice

Managed Backup and Recovery

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