Microexpert can help you to design and protect your data systems from cyber attacks

Security Experts

As leading security experts in financial, industrial, commercial and government sectors we can advise on security sensitive applications including electronic payment systems, IoT and IIoT. We can design and develop appropriate data security solutions including proof of concept and pilot systems on a fit for purpose basis.

Protecting Digital Assets

Digital assets are the core of both our personal and business lives. These can be as diverse as our financial account details to our medical records and in business that would include our customer data base. Protecting digital assets is not only necessary to satisfy regulators but also in securing against the losses that could incur if these files were accessed or modified in anyway.


Microexpert advise on the use of cryptographic solutions in all forms of data protection.

Cyber-security protection

Two factor authentication

Hybrid Cloud Security

IoT/IIoT Security

Electronic Payments

Bluetooth Security

Founded in 1983

Microexpert has been at the forefront of cryptographic design and development since 1983, having grown organically over the last 30+ years we have consistently supported the industry in delivering the highest quality, and through continuous training and development shaped our team to deliver the best service to our clients.

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