Cloud Transaction Systems

Organisations are increasingly concerned about managing transactions in the cloud, Microexpert specialises in techniques for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data in the cloud.

Encrypting Data in the Cloud

Organisations have been forced to move their data into the cloud to allow the depth of access that is now necessary. Just as radical is the change now taking place in how this data is accessed. Users have to be connected to the corporate network with a trusted computer from the office, home and even when out on the road. Mobile computing has gone further with users wanting and even demanding mobile devices such a smart phones and tablets. An even bigger issue is that they want to share the use of mobile devices between personal and business.

Levels of security must be managed by Tamper Resistant Modules that are highly resistant to tampering and can undertake transactions protected by cryptographic technologies in a trusted way. You cannot get the right levels of security by software alone, it must be backed up by hardware. What this means is a secure integrated circuit chip such as a smart card or secure microSD card at the user end and a Hardware Security Module (HSM) at the organisation's host end.

Microexpert has a dedicated security development team that can create proprietary applications for the secure chips as well as the HSM for the necessary identity and authentication applications.

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