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Microexpert is an independent security consultancy which develops solutions for protecting digital assets using cryptographic techniques.

Digital data is the core of our personal and business transactions. However, it’s so easy to forget that data represents assets in a digital form often with business critical or personal values.

Cyber-attacks are operating worldwide often with tragic consequences for not only the owners of data but it also impacts organisations that store and process financial and personal data.

With regulatory bodies such as the PCI and the more recently the GDPR legislation which mandates the security requirements for financial and personal data, organisations are now being exposed to heavy fines which can be as much as 4% of an organisations global turnover or €40m or even worse a custodial sentence for the senior managers.

‘Having worked nationally and internationally for over 30 years, we have succeeded in enabling our clients to protect their digital data’

Dr. David Everett


It’s countdown to the GDPR Compliance. Don’t become a victim to cyber-crime and get penalised with a data-breach. As cryptographic security specialists we can show you how to protect your private and client data from cyber-attacks.

Where there’s e-commerce there’s cyber-crime. As specialists in Digital Currencies and Electronic Payments we can help you use Java Smart Cards,MicroSD cards and cryptographic appliances to protect your payment assets.

Online security risks are increasing with IoT and Command and Control technologies. As specialists in cryptographic firmware and hardware we develop solutions dedicated to securing the control and reputation of your business.


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