Independent cryptographic data security experts based in West Sussex

Digital data is the core of our personal and business transactions. However, it’s so easy to forget that data represents assets in a digital form often with business critical or substantial personal values.

For over thirty years Microexpert has been involved in the protection of digital assets and our history goes back to the design and development of Hardware Security Modules initially with BT protecting communications and then later for the UK CHAPS interbank payment system.

Being at the forefront of using smart cards for protecting financial transactions, we were part of the European Banking Technical Task Force that led to the universal Chip and PIN system, and became the technical architects for Mondex, the digital cash scheme and Multos, the smart card multi-application operating system. As part of Microexpert’s extended portfolio, we have been involved in many security design and development projects which have included the Aberdeen Accord citizen card and the NHS Spine project.

With our vast experience in designing and developing digital cash systems, which has been reflected in the creation of MintChip (Royal Canadian Mint) and our current project MonZap, also recently working on a project with the MOD. As cryptographic security specialists we have also been involved with numerous projects of a more confidential nature in designing and developing security controls for various industries and we have succeeded in enabling our clients to protect their sensitive data.

Founded in 1983

Microexpert has been at the forefront of cryptographic design and development since 1983, having grown organically over the last 30+ years we have consistently supported the industry in delivering the highest quality, and through continuous training and development shaped our team to deliver the best service to our clients.

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