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Living with untrusted software | SDW 2016

Living with untrusted software | SDW 2016 | Dr David Everett
What makes you think your software is working correctly? The chances are it was specified at least incompletely and was developed with a significant number of bugs. And on top of that you have the hardware which will also have failures and do you know how a hardware failure will effect the operation of the software. There is no silver bullet just a different mind set in how software is developed, this is nothing to do with agile development its all about defensive coding - but everybody's doing that - aren't they?
Microkey is a cryptographic secure end point designed to be used in conjunction with a mobile phone to increase the security as part of an authentication process between the mobile phone and the resource provider. The end point is a security hardened chip that can be provided in both smart card and SIM card formats. These Microkeys can connect to the phone using NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy.
MAS is Microexpert's Authentication Server that is used to form the host server cryptographic end point. Constructed in a certified Tamper Resistant Module (TRM) it can provide all the necessary key management with both symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms and mechanisms. Microexpert can also develop proprietary mechanism to meet customer requirements.

Consultancy and Training

Microexpert is a cryptographic security consultancy specialising in electronic payment systems, cloud transaction systems and digital currencies. With over 50 years' experience in the field with lead roles in many major schemes we can bring strategic and practical business knowledge to help with your projects. We also provide training and thought leadership in specialist areas such as Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Some of our projects


Tibado is a fiat based electronic cash system for which Microexpert are the technical architects and security designers.


The Royal Canadian Mint commissioned Microexpert as the technical and security designers for a new digital currency system.


Dr David Everett the CEO of Microexpert was the technical and security architect of Mondex the first major digital currency.

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