We are Cryptographic Payment and Data Security Consultants

With so much personal and sensitive data being processed and stored by server systems it is no wonder that security breaches occur. GDPR now forces you to get it right. Microexpert can show you how design your security to best protect your data.
Are Blockchain currencies going to take over from conventional bank payment systems? How about mPesa is that the best way to do mobile payments? Microexpert would like to show you how these different systems work and can be used to your advantage.
The security vulnerabilities of our critical networks may be obvious but IoT opens up a bigger and even more vulnerable attack space. Microexpert would like to show you how to design and secure your data monitoring and control systems to resist attack.

Digital data is the new asset. Lose it at your peril. Whether personal, corporate, financial or industrial data Microexpert can help you follow the best cryptographic security practices and keep you clear of the dangers.



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