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Why you need to keep your digital information secure and defend your business against cyber attacks

'We design cryptographic security functions that provide confidentiality, data integrity and authentication which can be applied through the use of smart cards, NFC and BLE crypto tokens, TRM devices and HSMs.'

'Microexpert are technical specialists who's main aim is to provide the best system architecture, robust implementation and key management solutions for customers who need their information stored, processed and communicated safely.'


Cyber Crime Security

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In order to protect sensitive data and digital assets for businesses in finance, health, industry and government, Microexpert can review your network vulnerability and risk with an analysis of your current system architecture.

Our ability in applying Cryptography as our most important data security technique enables us to tailor to a client’s needs. By advising on the best software and firmware applications our technical experts can ensure your working environment is totally armed and can defend itself against any kind of cyber crime attack.

Business Data Security

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By providing robust cryptographic tools that support authentication, data integrity and confidentiality applications for mobile security, card payments, IoT and IIoT, Microexpert enables you as a business to remain confident about your company data not being hacked.

Our expertise applies to both business and personal data security use and can be supplied in the development of bespoke cryptographic functions for smart cards, NFC and BLE tokens, secure MicroSD cards and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Cryptographic Cloud Security

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As part of our bespoke security service Microexpert has developed MxHybrid Cloud HSM that provides standardised and proprietary cryptographic functions enabling businesses being faced with cyber threats that extra level of protection for data with complete network management and security operations using our customised rest API.

As a hybrid environment operating within the cloud, MxHybrid Cloud HSM provides complete control and protection of your environment and sensitive data by using a FIPS 140-2 certified HSM within a data centre. API Demo Read more...

'A fundamental part of designing a security system is you can’t just add on bits when convenient, security is pervasive and has to be built into the foundations of the system.' Dr. David Everett


Guide - Digital Currency Classifications

Guide - Digital Currency Classifications

Our blog on digital currency introduces you to subjects and views around the payment industry.

Our introduction to various digital currencies will give you a great insight in to the different currency systems that are out there and how they handle cash and online payments.

MonZap Digital Cash Payments Mobile App

MonZap Digital Cash Payments Mobile App

If you are a business, charity, student or community group looking for more financial independence then look no further.

MonZap gives you total control of your own economy without the banks looking in with the ability to save or spend any amount down to a penny. 

Tutorial - How to decode a PKCS#12 file

Tutorial - How to decode a PKCS#12 file

Working in development and research Microexpert's offers it's own cryptographic tool's technical diary.

Why not take a look at our guides into the how to's of our cryptography tools which will hope to give you some answers to some technical challenges that you may face as a developer who is approaching a data security project.



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