Cryptographic Security Experts

We develop Smart Cards, Secure Elements, NFC and BLE Crypto Tokens,
TRM devices and HSMs to meet your needs.

MxSecure Crypto Server

WebSSL is a cryptographic library built to run within a
Hardware Security Module and provides a universally accessible interface.


Data Security

With experience across financial, commercial and government sectors,
we can provide security consultancy support, advice and
guidance to help keep your business information
and data safe from cyber attacks.



Transact in the cloud where you can securely access tailored HSMs
operating in a secure data centre using a REST API.


MxSecure Crypto Server

We can support your business by working with your security requirements by
implementing professional firmware solutions that will integrate into your
current business applications infastructure.


Electronic Payments

We design and develop electronic payment systems using smart cards, HSM and mobile devices

Mass Transit

We design and develop cryptographic card and reader systems for mass transit applications

Secure Storage

We design and develop cryptographic systems for the storage and communications of sensitive data

Secure Comms

We design and develop communication systems protected using symmetric and asymmetric algorithms and mechanisms

What We Do

Cryptographic Data Security

Cryptographic Data Security

We can advise you on the data security architecture of your system or we can develop a security design for your project. Our mantra is 'fit for purpose' because perfect security is impossible and overdoing it is just an unnecessary overhead.
Cryptographic Components

Cryptographic Components

We supply and develop cryptographic components in different form factors such as Java smart cards, secure elements, USB/Bluetooth tokens and HSMs. These devices can be used in a range of applications from electronic payments to IoT.



We provide a cloud hybrid security system where you can do your transaction processing in the cloud. You can use your own data centre or interact with securely authenticated HSMs operating in our data centre. The HSMs are accessed over a bilateral TLS session using a REST API.


MicroKey provides secure 2-Factor authentication and an encrypted channel using smart card TLS to satisfy PSD2 and GDPR requirements

Clients and Projects


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Founded in 1983

Microexpert has been at the forefront of cryptographic design and development since 1983, having grown organically over the last 30+ years we have consistently supported the industry in delivering the highest quality, and through continuous training and development shaped our team to deliver the best service to our clients.

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