There have probably been more electronic payment products released in the market place in the last couple of years than the previous 50 years. Do they work and are they secure?  Payment cards are morphing into mobile phones apps viewed by many as the way forward while digital currencies such as Bitcoin are making headlines in the news alongside Apple Pay - What is the right way forward? Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) - A mighty impressive way of storing your assets but not much point if you leave the door open. It’s the same thing with your digital assets, cryptographic methods can securely protect your data but only if you protect the secret keys. A Hardware Security Module or HSM can provide the necessary tamper resistant environment to shut the door against the hackers and protect your keys. The security of your digital assets can then be assured. Secure MicroSD Cards - Some 314 mobile phones are stolen on the streets of London every day (ref: London Metropolitan Police 2013). What do you think these phones could access and what was stored in their memory? A Secure MicroSD card can provide the necessary cryptographic end point to protect the data stored on your phone. Smart Cards - Smart Cards are the cryptographic security end point widely used for physical access control, payment transactions and logical access control including for example mobile phone SIM cards. But how do you know if you are using the right card for your application? How do you know whether it is being hacked behind the scenes? Cloud Protection Services - Microexpert and Glenburn Technology have developed an innovative joint venture - Cloud Protection Services

We design and develop Smart Cards, Secure MicroSD cards and HSMs programmed to meet your requirements